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Cash Flow For Kids Game

This Cash Flow For kids Game is exceptional For kids who are hunting to make money from their money, as a child, you will learn about different ways to make money and how to save money. In the game, you will find different items that can help you make money, there are childrens' items such as candy bars, bread crumbs, and cigarettes to help you make money. There are also rules that need to be follows in order For you to make money, you will also find tools that you can use in order to make money. This Game is first-rate For kids who desire to make money from their money.

Cash Flow For Kids Game Ebay

In this game, you are Cash Flow agent trying to br in money For your family by selling items you may have available such as clothes and drugstore items, you may also have items that are used but are also potential investments, such as an inventory of used cars or obama presidential wellness center. You will need to find the best deals on items and generate Cash Flow by sacks end, you will also need to avoid costs that could affect the Cash Flow of the family, such as insurance and rent. In this Cash Flow For kids game, you and your partner will have to compete to get your family to the bottom of the Cash Flow chart, each step of the chart is worth its own player, and each column represents a certain amount of money that your family can save that year. The Game presents following steps: 1, save money 2. Spend it 3, save it 4. Spend it 5, save it. You must solve problems by trying different solutions and breaking them down into small, manageable steps, the more problems you solve, the better your financial iq. Can you make it to the end with a clean conscience? In this game, you and your partner must complete three tasks in order to win a Cash flow, the first task is to find your tax break - this can be done on a computer or by phone. Then, find your bank - this can be done by bank location or phone, the next task is to find your bank - this can also be done by bank location or phone. Finally, find your end goal - this can be done by phone or computer, use your computer or phone to help us show you how much money you and your partner can while playing this game.